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Logistic Solutions, saving time and money 
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Broward Electric Car Interior

 Logistic Solutions, Saving Time & Money

Since 1986, Broward Electric Car & Equipment has been serving South Florida in the recreational / industrial vehicle industry. As far as reputable golf cart dealers in South Florida, we strive to maintain an honest and professional experience and listen to our customers, taking the time to understand their specific needs. You may find a golf cart cheaper somewhere else, but our expertise, service and care goes a long way. Save yourself the time and aggravation and contact or visit us today.

Being one of few golf cart dealers, we go the extra mile for you with our expertise in the commercial as well as the private community.  Whether you're out in the field or out for a neighborhood journey, Broward Electric Car & Equipment is there for you.  

Broward Electric Car and Equipment in Fort Lauderdale is ready to go! Give us a call at (954) 925-2400 or email us at info@browardelectriccar.com

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